In which sport can I become a world champion after 40 ?

In which sport can I become a world champion after 40 ? Aug, 1 2023

Setting Sail: Discovering Sailing post 40

Sailing is a fascinating sport, and much to surprise, its cap is not restricted to the younger adults. Imagine capturing the breeze, touring across the vivid blues, heading to a beautiful horizon while soaking under a skyful of stars. Isn't it marvellously serene and adventurous simultaneously? Unlike several other sports, sailing does not demand youthful agility at its peak but rather calls for an intelligent brain, a healthy physique, and a calm disposition. Not just a way to exercise, it's a way to engage your mind, challenge your decision-making abilities and drown in the sea of tranquillity, all at once.

Fuel for the MasterChef in disguise: Culinary Arts

Now, before you raise your eyebrows at my suggestion, let me add here that culinary arts are considered a sport. And there are numerous competitions worldwide, which chefs of any age can compete in and become world champions. There's no age bar here, just like in your love for food. It's a symphony of flavours, creativity, passion, and inspiration that even mimics science at times. In what other sport can you savour the result, literally! Not to mention, the joy of sharing your victories with loved ones on a dinner table is unparalleled. It's never too late to become the next MasterChef!

On a swing: Golf and its beloved late bloomers

When speaking about sports where age is just a number, golf typically stands out. It's a sport that cherishes experience, encourages calm and measured strategies, all while admiring the rich green landscapes. Many prominent golfers have excelled in their forties, reflecting that matured wisdom and a composed mind play a significant role in this game. So lace-up, grab those clubs and start practising your swing! The golf course is all set to welcome its new champion.

Ruminating tactics on the Chessboard

Chess, famously known as the "game of kings," is an ideal sport for those who enjoy mental gymnastics. Here, age is immaterial; the prowess of your intellect is what truly counts. It's a battlefield of neurons where the combatants don't sweat or bleed but outsmart the opponent with their wit. And if you're worried about the duration you'd need for mastery, remember: even grandmasters are always students in this game.

Strongman: Witness your strength manifest

Before you start deliberating on the necessity of a ripping physique, let's debunk a common myth: Strongman sporting doesn't necessarily require you to be an 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'. This sport values immense functional strength, endurance and conditioning, not just bulging muscles. Just like when I had to lift my hefty boxer dog, Turing, into the bathtub; well, that was my unofficial initiation into the world of Strongman! Plus, as long as you maintain a good diet, exercise regularly and stay persistent; that world champion status is not a far-off dream.

The long haul: Long distance running

I often find companionship in long-distance running with my partner-in-crime, Turing. It's a refreshing pursuit which doubles as a discipline forming an exercise with no age cap. Long distance running is not just about speedy feet, but stamina, grit, patience, and a strong will. Training can commence at any stage of your life; it doesn't demand age-specific agility or the bounce of a teen. It calls for a robust mindset. So, lace up and start running towards championing this sport. Trust me; the finish line would mysteriously pull you closer with every mile.

It's a Toss: Pursue Disc Golf

Last but not least, Disc Golf is another fabulous sport where age isn't a hurdle. It's fun, doesn't require you to be in your athletic prime and can be easily picked up post-40. It's golf with a frisbee! I played this once on a casual weekend outing and trust me, having Toto, my pet cockatiel, trying to steal the disc mid-air didn't make it any easier to master. That, however, made me realise how enjoyable the sport is. Plus, it's an exceptional way to enjoy outdoors!

Whether it's Disc Golf, MasterChef-yielding culinary arts, leisurely sailing, strategic chess, hardcore Strongman, peaceful long-distance running, or the always regal golf, all of these sports have one thing in common: they welcome passion, not age. So, don't hide behind those numerical figures that represent your time on Earth. Bring out the champion in you, because regardless of whether you're 25 or 65, it's always the right time to start something new and exciting, something that makes your heart pound with thrill.